Why Use an Interior Designer?

You might have some design ideas but are unsure how to implement them. Maybe it’s time to completely gut a kitchen or bathroom and rethink the whole space in terms of layout, fixtures, and materials. Or perhaps your home is not ideally suited to your lifestyle and a reconfiguration or repurposing of your space is needed.

There are several advantages to using an interior designer: to gain fresh interior design ideas and see new ways to maximize your space, to help translate your ideas into reality, and to have access to exclusive or to-the-trade items. These include fabrics, furniture, and accessories that contribute to your home’s one-of-a-kind look.

Emma Preston Bennett and son Charlie

Emma Preston Bennett and son Charlie

From kitchens and baths to entertainment spaces to home offices, our professional staff will help you plan your space and develop your own look to suit your style or refresh your current interior design.

Atmosphere is everything when it comes to interior design. Every piece of furniture, how it is placed, and even the empty spaces in the room all contribute to the first impression your guests will have. That is or Design Studio, offers professional space planning to accompany their expert interior design services.

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, living room, or your entire home - I can provide the services you need to truly enjoy your completed project. Space planning matters! When it comes to interior decor, the layout of a room not only assists in creating aesthetic beauty, but it also has a great deal to do with your day to day comfort & functionality. If a room is nice to look at but is overly crowded and you feel cramped, or the traffic flow is not serving you well..

Quality interior design begins with the layout of the room. All the details will be discussed thoroughly before any actual decorating or installation begins. From considering doorways and traffic patterns to making sure you have room to open your dishwasher, space planning is essential. You will receive a professional space planning consultation, who is committed to a successful interior development process.

Interior designing requires a good eye for both beauty and functionality. Every home is different, and no client wants the exact same thing as another. When you call on me, I will not rest assured that a space planner will work with you to make certain your room is as functional as it is incredibly beautiful! “Masterful Solutions, Timeless Style” is not just a slogan; it is how I do business.


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